StudioNext is a boutique architecture and design firm that provides international design services for various project types. The experience of their associates span across various countries and a range of project sizes.


“one thing that is common to all arts & design, is the principle of Rhythm, which transforms inert materials into living creatures”                                                                                                                                                                                                             Rabindranath Tagore



The firm’s ideology is rooted as being “ideation-based”. For each project, a number of varied ideas are generated through physical models, 3D models, sketches, notes, client workshops etc and the idea most suited is taken forward for development. Inputs from the user team, associates and various other disciplines forms the basis of design development.



The firm believes that each project is driven by its local physical, social and morphological context. Reseach is carried out at the beginning of each project, providing a clear understanding of the context for it. The design approach and the ideas generated are thus unique and meaningful for the project.



The termed “glocal” coined as “global + local” clearly represents the design of the firms projects. The experience of its leaders span across various countries, thus providing global design expertise with a clear understanding of the local requirements and nuances.



For a number of clients, we provide “concept-to-completion” for various projects. Design, detailing, coordination and execution are done through our teams. This gives full control on the monitoring and quality of execution.