Moolchand Medcity | New Delhi

Moolchand Medcity Moolchand Medcity Moolchand Medcity

Type: Healthcare
Size: 400,000 sq ft
Completion: 2019 (est)

Exterior facade Design

A new 300-bed Medcity is being planned in New Delhi by Moolchand Hospital, in their existing campus.

The planning of the building facilitates easy movement of patients and medical staff. The lower floors have public facilities such as Lobby, Cafeteria, OPD and Diagnostics. The middle floors are primarily patient rooms. The upper floors are critical care and the top floor is Hospital administration.

The Façade is designed such that there is maximum daylight into the public spaces on the lower floors and the top administrative floor. This transparency creates a lighter feel to the building and extends from the lower 2 floors to the top floor. The middle floors, primarily driven by the hospital function on the interiors have punched openings. The plumbing shaft located on the exterior has louvres with the opening size blending with the adjoining windows.

The stairs visible from the main road has terra cotta panels cladding in 2 natural colours that resonate with the existing buildings at the site and provides an iconic feature of the building.