River Engineering Pvt. Ltd. | Greater Noida

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Type: Commercial / Industrial
Size: 400,000 sq ft
Completion: 2014

River Engineering Pvt. Ltd.is a machine parts manufacturing company with 2 facilities in Greater Noida.
One of their existing facilities expanded by adding 2 floors above the existing administration building. One of the floors is primarily administrative offices while the top floor is staff cafeteria and executive lounge/meeting spaces. The design of the public spaces is such that is allows maximum daylight, colour in the spaces through materiality, and durable low-maintenance finishes.
The exterior façade has vertical fins that integrates the existing as well as the additional floors. These fins have the company’s brand colours: Red and Blue on the either sides. For the other newer facility, a complete shop floor layout has been designed based on optimum utilization of spaces and sequence of production. The office spaces on the upper floors and mezzanine overlook the production facility thus creating a cohesive work environment.
The site has a substantial raw material storage facility and the internal roads are designed for access to large trucks.